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Color Island: Pixel Art celebrates the holidays with new Christmas Land decors and in-game event

Players can expect to add a splash of color to their Christmas celebration this holiday season with Color Island: Pixel Art. From December 17th, Athena Games' relaxing coloring game on mobile is adding a festive Christmas event to sprinkle some joy into people's lives while calming their minds at the same time.

Color Island: Pixel Art’s new Christmas Land adds holiday-themed art therapy for players with tons of Christmassy objects to collect. Simply color pixels in any game mode and you can collect Christmas-themed ornaments to spruce up your Christmas Land. This includes pixels in the Main mode, Daily Missions, and even in the Challenge Mode. Completing colored pixel art lets you unlock special themed objects, as well as acquire special gift boxes with coins, boosters, and lots of festive decor.

As you collect different kinds of special objects, you can build your Christmas Land and have your own little slice of Christmas from your mobile device. After all, while the pandemic has made in-person get-togethers a challenge this season, it certainly doesn't mean people can't still celebrate the holidays from the comfort of their own homes (or from the palm of their hand).

If you're eager to get started, you can download Color Island: Pixel Art on the iOS App Store or on the Google Play Store for Android devices. It's a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.