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Woody Poly, Athena Games' Tetris-esque hexagonal puzzle game, is out now on iOS and Android

Athena Games has announced the official launch of their new puzzle game, Woody Poly. Featuring unique puzzle mechanics with - true to its title - woody aesthetics, the mobile block puzzle boosts players' brain power by letting them manipulate triangles as efficiently as possible.


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Woody Poly features a hexagonal board with six large triangles that players will have to fill up to earn points. Fans of Tetris-esque gameplay mechanics will likely find something familiar and enjoyable with the game, but still discover something new. In particular, the absence of a time limit eliminates any kind of pressure to race against the clock, making for a relaxing and stress-relieving gameplay experience.

Apart from trying to nab the top spot in the leaderboards with your own high scores, you can also try to master special moves and achieve combos and streaks. You'll need to plan your moves ahead of time to maximize your Hexa blocks across three different themes (Classic, Modern, and Neon).

If you're keen on improving your focus and honing your puzzle-solving skills on a unique Hexa board, you can give Woody Poly a go by downloading it on the iOS App Store or on the Google Play Store for Android devices. It's a free-to-play title with ads.